•  High corrosion resistance tube alloys option available for meeting 40 days SWAAT requirement.
  •  Wide range of core depths (12mm to 25mm) portfolio for passenger and commercial truck applications.
  •  Integrated Serviceable and Non- Serviceable RD options High nose thickness tube option for stone impact protection
  •  Both louvered and plain optimized fin design condenser for passenger cars and off road vehicle
  •  Condenser design and material system is compatible for both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants
  •  Multiflow various fin and tube design options to meet performance and pressure drop.

The radiator is responsible for preventing the car engine from overheating. We design and develop over 100 radiators . Radiator consists of the Radiator Core and the Fan Motor & Shroud Assembly or FMSA along with all requisite connections and fastening elements


An Evaporator is a heat exchanger which provides cool air to the vehicle cabin.Hienco Evaporator consists of Tube & Plate (TAF,) Plate & Fin (PAF) and Serpentine Evaporators suitable for Passenger Cars, SUVs, Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Agricultural and farm equipment

Heater Core

A heater core is a radiator-like device used in heating the cabin of a vehicle.High durability with corrosion resistant coatings and advanced alloys distinguishes our Heater Cores that come in 28mm and 32mm categories. Single pass, U-flow and cross counter flow design options to meet customer’s heating requirement. They are suitable for application in Passenger Cars, SUVs, Light-duty Trucks, Heavy-duty Trucks, Commercial and Agricultural Equipment.